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Earth Day Book Club and craft class

Updated: May 3

The theme of this year's Earth Day is Restore Our Earth™. And what we all now realise is that age is no barrier to getting involved - just look at Sir David Attenborough! We've chosen three stunning books to celebrate our wonderful planet and inspire us to find ways to help restore and maintain it's delicate ecosystem. There are a wide range of activities we can do with our children to halt climate change, regular actions like recycling and eating less meat (we have a guide to family meals vegan-style coming up tomorrow too - so don't miss that) as well as collecting litter from the beaches when you spend the day at the seaside. You may also wish to get involved directly with the inspiring game-changers at Earth Day by joining the campaign to get Climate and environmental education made compulsory in our schools. For more ideas on how to get involved head to EarthDay.org. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our book selection this week.

1. Dear Earth

by Isobel Otter, illustrated by Clara Anganuzzi

Age suitability: 3- 6 years

Inspired by