Crafts for children: make your own ice crayons

On sunny days, try these easy ice crayons naturally coloured with fruit and vegetables!

A coloured piece of ice

What you'll need:

  • Jug of water

  • Ice cube trays - long ones are best!

  • Fruit and veggies for colouring - carrots, beetroots and blueberries work well!

1. Make your food colourings first. Boil each of the fruits or veggies you are using in a small amount of water until the water becomes coloured.

2. Once cool, strain the coloured liquids and pour into your ice trays, then carefully put into the freezer. (Grown-ups can use the leftover fruit and veg for cooking!)

3. After a few hours, your ice crayons will be set and ready to use! Take them outside to a pavement or a big piece of card and see what you can draw!

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