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Coming up this week in our peaceful video classes

Our marvellous video classes are all around the theme of peace. Whether it's getting super-messy making your own paper plate peace sign, or playing along with Luke for some super-helpful mindfulness exercises. Why not kick off by singing along to some songs of peace and love.

All our new classes are under ten minutes long to help you make the most of your family time, at a time that's right for you and your child.

Mini Musicians - Songs of Peace

In this marvelous music class we'll be grabbing our bells and rocking out to all the best songs that preach peace around the world!

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This class is 8 minutes long

Messy Masters Art - Paper plate peace sign

Craft your own version of the iconic peace symbol using some extremely creative and messy techniques. We use a salad spinner in the video but there are other messy & fun techniques suggested should grown-ups not wish to use their kitchen equipment!

To take part this week, you will need the following:

one paper plate

a salad spinner ( but don't worry if you don't have one - there are alternatives given!)




selection of paint

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This class is nine minutes long

Make & Make Believe - Mini Mindfulness

Times are hard for EVERYONE at the moment, little ones included, that's why today we'll be exploring some simple mindfulness activities for kids to encourage inner peace and inspire them to get out in the world and do some good!

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This class is six minutes long

So, whether your child wants to get creative with music, go on a dramatic adventure in fantasy land or get crafty in art in one of our Messy Masters classes, we've got a video class for you. Just browse our library and pick your favourite.

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