Five books to help children talk about their feelings

This is an anxious and uncertain time for all of us, and children may have worries about their changing routine, not being able to see their friends, or what will happen if they or their family members get poorly. We’ve rounded up our favourite books to help you give your little ones opportunities to talk about how they are feeling.

1 Ruby’s Worry

by Tom Percival

Age suitability: 4-7 years

Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

This gentle story is perfect for helping little ones to understand that sharing their worries with somebody else can help them to feel less scary. We love the subtle illustrations and the sensitive messaging which you then use to start a conversation about any worries your child might have.

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2 The Feelings Book

by Todd Parr

Age suitability: 0 +

Todd Parr is a favourite at Maggie & Rose Life, and we think his signature bold illustrations are great for engaging little ones and helping them to understand challenging themes. While little ones are cooped up at home they may be feeling all sorts of different emotions, and this accessible book can help them tell you what they need.

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3 The Worrysaurus

by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton

Age suitability: 1- 5 years

The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton

For all little worriers, this great new release from the author of The Lion Inside follows a worrysaurus who can’t enjoy a sunny picnic without thinking of all the things that could go wrong! With the help of some reassuring words from his Mummysaurus, he starts to learn to let go of his worries and enjoy the moment.

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4 Pass it on

by Sophy Henn

Age suitability: 2- 5 years

Pass it on by Sophy Henn

This joyful book celebrates finding little moments of happiness in your day and sharing those with others! The illustrations are a riot of colour and help to remind us all to appreciate the little things, particularly in these uncertain times.

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5 Don’t Worry Little Crab

by Chris Haughton

Age suitability: 2-5 years

Don’t Worry Little Crab – Chris Haughton

Little Crab is going for his first swim in the ocean, but when he gets there he suddenly realises he is a little frightened! With the help of Big Crab, he works up the courage to face his fears and try something new. For any little ones who may be worried about returning to the outside world after being indoors, this is a great story to remind them that there will always be a grown-up to help them feel brave.

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