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At last! It's back to school week

So we made it to this week. Against all odds, it looks like the children are finally going back to school this week. If you're in Scotland, or elsewhere this has already happened. But, face masks or not, bubbles or not, our children are finally going back into education and rejoining their friends, and we are, free!

Drop off and pick up will sandwich an entirely new world of time to fill! Time in which we're not home schooling, cajoling small children to exercise, or queuing for toilet paper, baking, shouting, squirting hand santizer or quietly crying in the downstairs loo. It's going to be our time. For us.

Of course, it may still be a time to fill with work but that will be all we will be doing. Focussing on just one thing for a change. No small children demanding biscuits mid-zoom and no door slamming seven year olds shouting at their Minecraft. But it will be peaceful in an entirely new and wonderful way. We love our children, but if we'd known we'd have to do lockdown with them, hand on heart, would we have had quite so many.

Coming up this week on Maggie & Rose we're looking back at lockdown to remind ourselves what we loved and what we loathed ( just in case it happens again. Eek! ) and in our wonderful video classes we're crafting, making and playing all week to celebrate learning and friends.

Messy Masters Upcycled Desk Tidy

Join Luke in crafting your very own desk tidy with things lying around the house.

To make your own desk tidy you will need 4 toilet roll tubes, one piece of A5 card, PVA glue and paint,

Make and Make Believe Teddy Bear School Drop Off

Why not grab your favourite teddy and join in the activities with them?

Mini Musicians Back to School Boogie