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Ask the child psychologist - worry and anxiety

We're kicking off our first 'Expert in your inbox' of 2021 with the child psychologist and parenting expert, Dr Maryhan Baker. Dr Maryhan has spent the last 15 years supporting families, helping them move their child from angst to courage so that everyone feels confident, calm and connected. She gives talks on how to raise resilient children, support children with anxiety, and help children manage their emotions. Dr Maryhan also runs workshops in schools, and trains teachers and nannies, over zoom if neccessary, to identify and support children with their confidence and anxieties.

This January follows a Christmas that was a little different. Hopefully many of us found ways to see the hidden gifts of the restrictions, however challenging that was. And now faced with continuing restrictions and uncertainties, we've invited child psychologist Dr Maryhan to answer your questions on a range of topics around worry and anxiety.

Dr Maryan will be answering as many of your questions as she can on video so you not only can you tune in and benefit from a personal answer to your own situation, but also learn from the experiences of other parents too.

Email your questions to editorial@maggieandrose.com or via our social channels, and Dr Maryhan will answer a selection on video later this month.

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