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A gift guide for mums

We've been merrily adding more and more online small businesses to our Virtual Christmas Marketplace and thought it was about time we shared some of our favourites so far. We're starting with some ideas for the women in our lives, from our mothers, to sisters, aunts and daughters. We think you'll find something here for every budget that will deliver a really big dose of super seasonal happiness.

1. What's Up Birdie Slippers

These faux fur cosy slippers from What's Up Birdie? can be personalised or you can chose from the cute as a button options in this little gem of a small business. Browse the other wonderful creations while you're there from brightly coloured detachable collars, patterned facemasks and lots more accessories all guaranteed to make you smile.

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2. Sprinting hare necklace from Barking Hen Jewellery

Using traditional silver smith techniques partnered with a flair for the unusual, Tamara's pieces have a delightfully quirky British sense of style. The Barking Hen range includes dachshunds, hares and red cranes and other animal wonders!

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3. The Sleep Balm from Puremess

It's no secret that we're big fans of Puremess, the face oils and hand creams are completely addictive. The sleep balm is a magical blend of frankincense, lavender, blue chamomile and bergamot - all this for under a tenner!

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4. The luxury date night kit from the Little Pasta Company

Give the cook the night off (actually a week would work better for us!) by ordering the ultimate in easy in-home dining from the Little Pasta Company. This high end cook-your-own meal kit is dripping with indulgent ingredients like homemade tagliatelle with truffle butter with a burrata cheese salad, Parma Ham and lots more. Carb heaven for the romantic at heart.

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5. the Stort Valley artisan spirits advent calendar

Okay, so this would have to be a super-early Christmas present as the December advent countdown kicks off next week, and you might have to check with the clever folk at Stort Valley to make sure your delivery would be on time. But, the idea of a tiny exquisite tipple each night, (purely for medicinal purposes you understand) is really rather lovely. Throw in a roaring fire, a few lovely blankets and an early night for the children, and we'll be as happy as Larry.

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