6 children’s books about nature and the natural world

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Connecting with nature and the living things all around us has so many benefits for children, including for mental and physical health, learning and development and even kindness and social skills. We’ve collected our favourite children’s books about nature and the natural world here.

Grandpa’s Garden – Stella Fry & Sheila Moxley

In this beautifully illustrated book, we follow Billy and Grandpa from spring through to late summer as they dig the ground to make it ready, sow their seeds and keep them safe and happy until it’s time to harvest them. A gentle way to start conversations with little ones about the changing of the seasons, how plants grow from tiny seeds and how we can care for them – and ourselves.

A Stone Sat Still – Brendan Wenzel

A thought-provoking picture book that uses soothing mixed-media illustrations to show how a simple stone can be many things all at once, depending on the perspective of the creature who encounters it. The gentle rhyming text is almost like a lullaby and we love the reassuring message that the natural world endures over time, at once constant and ever-changing.

On the Origin of Species – Sabina Radeva

This gorgeous book which brings Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to vibrant life on the page is sure to become a collector’s item. It’s packed with quirky, colourful depictions of the natural world and its creatures, and is detailed and informative without being inaccessible. A wonderful introduction to Darwin’s theories and one that little ones will continue to return to as they grow.

The Rhythm of the Rain – Grahame Baker-Smith

This richly-illustrated book depicts the water cycle, beginning with a little boy watching rainfall collect in a pool near his home on a mountain and following the water as it journeys through rivers, over waterfalls and out to sea, eventually becoming rain falling on another child across the world. This wonderful book shows us how water connects us with all other living things on our planet, and that little things like raindrops have a huge importance in the natural world.

A First Book of Nature – Nicola Davies

A wonderful first companion to nature for little ones that grown-ups will also cherish, this beautiful book is full of poems, facts, and even recipes, all exquisitely illustrated by Mark Hearld. A true celebration of the wonders of the natural world, the book is divided into seasons and introduces little ones to many animals and insects, while celebrating simple pleasures like rock-pooling, feeding the ducks and eating apples straight from the tree.

Daniel Finds a Poem – Micha Archer

A simple, heart-warming affirmation that poetry exists in the world all around us, although it can appear as different things depending on your perspective. We love Daniel’s curiosity, depicted in bright collage-style illustrations, and all the wonderful parts of nature that he finds poetry in, helped by his animal friends.

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