Six books to help children understand loss and grief

Death is a huge concept for little ones to grasp - the revelation that somebody they have always known suddenly won’t be around anymore. Some of the most challenging conversations we will ever have with our children are about losing loved ones, not least because in the event of a death we are also likely to be struggling to come to terms with our own emotions. We’ve collected six of our favourite books to help approach this challenging topic with children - they may even prove cathartic for grown-ups too.

Grandad’s Island

by Benji Davies

This subtle, sensitive story with gorgeous cinematic illustrations will give comfort to little ones who may be worried where their loved ones go when they die. It’s poignant that Grandad takes Syd to his island to show him how beautiful and bright it is and how he is surrounded by friends, before he lets Syd know that he won’t be returning home with him. While Grandad’s house is now empty, Syd will always be able to imagine him on his island amongst friends

and be comforted by his memories of their

time together.