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5 Christmas Book Club stories which celebrate and reflect us all

This Christmas we may be facing a few differences in our usual plans, it's been quite the year, not in a good way, but, whether you have great plans or small ones, it's the perfect year to help your child celebrate the wonderfully diverse world that lies just beyond their front doors.

We've scoured every bookshelf in the land (and some from further afield, to come up with a shortlist of five refreshingly inclusive, and thoroughly heart-warming tales of festive cheer for you and your family to enjoy together.

The Sikh Snowman

By Owen Gallagher, illustrated by Fiona Stewart

age suitability: 3 - 8 years

Hot off the press this Winter is the charming tale of a group of children in an inner city school experiencing all the wonder of a most excellent snowfall outside. The story was written by an year one primary school teacher and was inspired by the children in his class. Snowmen in all shapes and sizes, friendship and feelings combine in this heartfelt and celebratory story about coming together in hope and humanity.

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Latkes for Santa

by Janie Emaus, illustrated by Brian Langdo

age suitability: 3- 6 years

Following author Janie Emaus' wonderful guest spot in our Book Club last month, we're delighted to include her very timely first children's tale.

Latkes for Santa is a book about blended modern families, Christian and Jewish traditions, and ultimately, a cook off for Santa! In this humorous and endearing picture book, a little girl and her stepbrother compete to leave Santa the best treats ever. Latkes for Santa Claus concludes with Anna and Michael's winning recipes, ready for children to replicate for Santa in their own kitchens.

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My Santa, Your Santa

by Margaret Thompson, illustrated Roger Weaver

age suitability: 2 years +

A wonderful book for little ones to s how them all the magic of Christmas around the world. This heartwarming story explores the idea that Santa can look like anyone when he enters a child’s home because he is magic. The book highlights six countries with a child and Santa from each, with each Santa looking like the child (or one of their parents) and wearing the traditional outfits of that country. We go from an African American boy in USA, to a redhead girl in the UK, to a young boy in a wheelchair in France, to a biracial Aboriginal Australian girl in Australia, to a young Hispanic boy in Mexico, and finish with a young girl in Korea.

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Grace at Christmas

by Mary Hoffman, Cornelius Van Wright, Ying-Hwa Hu

age suitability: 2 years +

This is a truly wonderful Christmas s tory of Grace who lives with her mother and her grandmother, while her father lives far away with his new family. Grace loves Christmas, even more than her own birthday. But one Christmas, Grace's mother decides to take in another family and Grace is not happy about it - she wants Christmas the way it's always been! This is a great book to open up conversations about having Christmas in a different way, something we are all going to be tackling this year in al probablility. Happily, although Grace doesn't think she will have the Christmas she wants, it ends up being... just perfect in the end.

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The Christmas Truck

by J.B. Blankenship Illustrated by Cassandre Bolan

age suitability: 3 years +

It's not easy finding Christmas tales that reflect a non-traditional family set up, but this one, which features two dads, is a joyful tale of one of those Christmases that just isn't going to go according to plan. Can these two ( rather handsomely drawn) dads, their amazing kid, and one awesome grandma save the day? Not your average Christmas adventure, but a lovely tale of mayhem, love and the spirit of Christmas.

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There's more diverse and inclusive Book Club picks in our weeklyTuesday round ups but if you have any books you can recommend please do share them on our social channels or email us at editorial@maggieandrose.com


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