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15 total sanity savers, for when you can't just "pull cord in emergency"

Updated: Jan 13

When it became clear last week that this lockdown is the worst sequel EVER! ...we wanted to help share the load. Whether it's shutting yourself in cupboards to eat a certain chocolate snack, or pretending to walk an elderly neighbour's dog (just so you can cry for a few minutes behind the shed), we asked for your daily sanity savers. So without further ado, (and drum roll please) ... here are your best tips for saving your sanity this month.

1 Be a disco diva

"My daily sanity saver is to end each day on a high. In our house that is with a dance to our favourite songs (including the teenager)".

Jemma S.

2 Run, run, runaway

"I get up at 7am, drink my coffee and go out for a run. Otherwise I would stay in bed all day."

Eniko F.

"Running, chocolate and cleaning!"

Lara C.

3 Get the cult stationary bike

"Weirdly the Peloton is saving my sanity. I hate spinning usually but the instructors are so fab that it feels like amazing human connection! The scenic rides are stunning too and a great way to see the world.... Stay well. It’s really hard this time around with no school and no daylight. It's definitely not the cheapest option but I’m a total convert!"

Sara M.

4 Be a little screen queen

"Playing mindless games on my phone, and watching box sets via Amazon prime or netflix. (Wow I've become lazy!).

This is Us (6 seasons)

Four more shots (Indian drama but has English subtitles)

The Boys

Film wise, Official secrets, Raazi


Orphan black (acting is amazing!!)

Prison break (watched all seasons in 3 weeks)...

Like to state I'm going back to work in 10 days then non stop till mid August (times and life of a private Maternity Nurse) so being lazy is good when you're normally working 24hrs".

Sareeka D.

5 Get your kids coding

"My children have set up private coding lessons online with their friends, which has been a complete sanity saver as it’s something they love to do. It’s fun, they don’t even realise they are learning, but it’s a structured activity so I can get things done".

Olivia B

6 Scroll, and succumb

"I succumb, to the time passing, to endless scrolling"

Simona R.

7 Go with the flow...

"Daily yoga! Currently doing Yoga by Adriene 30 day journey which is free on YouTube. It varies between 20-40 minutes (longer generally at the weekend) but there’s a timetable that shows you so you can plan accordingly."

Sharon G.

8 Get out!

"Leaving the house. It’s a busy place at the moment! Our home has become, school, the office, pub, restaurant and gym. As much as I love our home, time out of it is keeping me sane. After a long walk (whatever the weather, thanks to our dog we brought home in Jan 2020) I think it’s important we say “I want to go home”. Because among the chaos it’s still our safe place and where we love to be".

Sarah P.

9 Hang out with guinea pigs

"When we got them (Aug 2019) I said I was having nothing to do with them. How quickly that changed. I’m totally smitten. They’re hilarious (one in particular, totally mad, thinks he’s a flying squirrel). Endlessly amusing (who knew?) and totally therapeutic. I’m a total convert. Who’d have thought?!"

Cari R.

10 Make a date with a Duke on Netflix

"The Duke in Bridgerton kept me going all this week , shallow moi? It’s been a wonderfully frivolous romp full of sparkle and nonsense in a grey old, miserable winter. A melange of Jane Austen meets Jackie Collins meets Barbara Cartland".

Rowan Y.

11 Rythmic movement

"I'm doing Rythmic Movement for myself. It calms my brain and stops all the distracting thoughts and increasing my to-do list...I always sleep better after I've done it. I'm going to try and get the whole family doing some!! It also calms anxious minds by returning the brain from survival mode (where the Moro reflex is in control) back to my pre-frontal cortex being back in control, as it should be".

Claire D.

12 Get a Shakti mat

image by Team Shakti NZ Ltd

"Lots of Shakti mat. Trying to do more running and yoga, and diet changes are keeping us busy!!! Sometimes I put it on the bed and doze off, sometimes I do that on purpose if my back is sore. I think it came with ideas. My post run set up. It sort of does similar to acupuncture but doesn't pierce the skin, the theory is that it stimulates blood flow I think. I find it helps me sleep and also helps with my back issues too. Its also quite nice to stand on when you get used to it"

Jonathan S.

13 Dig in for some indoor gardening

"It is very challenging indeed. My only saviour is my daily walk and I've also started sowing some veg & flowers indoors already even though I know it's way early. But I just wanted to see something progress and some new life if that makes sense…"


14 Sew your way through

"Sewing! I finally finished a patchwork on Friday night for my son, 5 years after I started it!

The patchwork is mostly Liberty Fabric scraps with an etsy 'hug from Mum' patch in the bottom left corner."

Elizabeth T.

15 Getting jigsaw with it

The case for jigsaws:

"During lockdown I've found need something to keep my hands busy, to stop them reaching for chocolate and wine! As much as I rant over the puzzle at points, much to my family's amusement, I really love it when it all comes together! It's a mix between torture and triumph!"


"I find puzzling calming and stops me looking at my phone, I like the methodical way you have to do a puzzle."


And the case against:

"I ****ing hate puzzles! They require far too much concentration and therefore bore me to tears and make me want to smash things".

Sarah H.

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