Monday 6 April

10.30am: Art: Miffy, Maggie & Matisse 

To mark Miffy’s 65th anniversary, we’ll be creating a one-off masterpiece today, inspired by the classic children’s book “Miffy at the Gallery” and featuring our very own Maggie on a trip to the gallery with Miffy! Little ones will learn about sharing and colours (primary, secondary and colour formation) all whilst exploring the iconic styles of Miffy and Matisse, the artist who inspired Miffy’s creator Dick Bruna.

Join us on YouTube at 10.30

What you'll need

  • Craft templates (download on this page) 

  • A4 canvas or thick card

  • PVA glue

  • Glue stick

  • Mark-making materials (pens, pencils, crayons or paints)

  • Wool (preferably black if you have it, but don’t worry if not!)

  • 4 different coloured watercolour paints (preferably 2 primary & 2 secondary colours)

    To prepare:

  • Print & cut out craft templates

  • Premix a little PVA glue & water

  • Chop your wool to approx. width of the canvas or card.       

3pm Story-time: 

Miffy at the Gallery




Miffy is desperate to visit the gallery, even though her Daddy thinks she is too small! Once she persuades her parents to take her, she is inspired by the paintings, sculptures and colours she sees there, and thinks she might want to be an artist when she grows up! Today’s story-time is a great extension to this morning’s activity – use it to start a conversation about what your little one wants to be when they grow up, or to inspire more mark-making or modelling activities.

Join us on YouTube at 3pm


Download here