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Monday 4 May

10.30am: Mini Musicians: Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Get ready to move those bodies in today’s music class, all about our body parts! We’ll be finding and naming our body parts and seeing all the ways we can move them in time to some of our favourite tunes.

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3pm Story-time: 

The Koala Who Could




by Rachel Bright

This is an anxious and uncertain time for all of us, and little ones may have worries about their changing routine or not being able to see their friends. Today we meet Kevin the Koala, who is also a little nervous of change! Rachel Bright’s rhyming story is perfect for helping little ones feel better about adapting to changes and being brave to try new things.


Join us on YouTube at 3pm

  • Cymbals or two things you can crash together – like saucepan lids! 


What you'll need