Monday 01 June

10.30am: Messy Art Masters: Milky way Masterpiece

We’re blasting off into outer space this week with our out-of-this-world classes all focusing on the world above our atmosphere. First up, we’re creating a glittering masterpiece, practising painting with our fingers and with different brush techniques, and learning a little about the galaxy we live in.

Join us on YouTube at 10.30


3pm Story-time: 

Five Minutes Peace




by Jill Murphy 
With 3 little elephants around, Mrs Large rarely gets a moment to herself. We love this classic story about what happens when Mrs Large tries to find five minutes’ peace but keeps getting interrupted with hilarious results – a story that will certainly resonate with grown-ups as well as little ones!



Join us on YouTube at 3pm

  • A4 piece of cardboard 

  • Black paint 

  • Blue paint 

  • White paint 

  • Glitter 

  • Paint brush

What you'll need