Health & Beauty


Zoee Sea Buckthorn

A unique foodie experience with healthy immune and energy boosting sea buckthorn products from organic farming packed with vitamin C and 190 bioactive compounds and all four omegas. Jam, herbal tea, preserve, powder, concentrate, seed and berry oil, elderflower syrup and ginger syrup.



Founded by Gemma and based in Surrey,  Puremess, believes that beautiful skin is achieved through a daily skin care routine using nature’s finest ingredients. Daily self-care and love means your beauty shines from the inside out.We are passionate about creating natural products that optimise skin health, providing maximum nourishment, which is why we only use ingredients like oils, butters, waxes and botanicals.  


Nat-ul Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Founder Agnieszka Lokaj is based in Catford. Her business is a small, independent online store bringing natural and organic cosmetics from Eastern Europe to the UK. We read labels so our customers do not have to worry about harmful ingredients. The products are cruelty-free and affordable, and our parcels are eco-friendly. We also support small and family businesses. We currently have 25 brands and are growing.