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Friday 8 May

10.30am: Messy Masters Art: We Love Painting With Our Bodies

Today we’ll be making a truly unique artwork using our hands and feet! This class could get a little messy, so please make sure you protect the space you are using with newspaper and wear old clothes. Little ones will love feeling the textures of the paint on their hands and feet and the sensory experience of painting with their bodies.

Join us on YouTube at 10.30


3pm Story-time: 

The Way Back Home




by Oliver Jeffers

Today’s story is one of teamwork, patience and perseverance, as a little boy and a Martian become stranded together on the moon. We love the colourful mixed-media art and the message that if we work together and don’t give up we can always find our way back home, and even help others along the way.


Join us on YouTube at 3pm

  • White paint

  • Paint roller/ brush

  • A tray - Glue

  • A large piece of cardboard for the base.

  • Coloured card to cover half of the base, cut into two pieces

    To prepare:

  • Cut card to cover half the base.


What you'll need