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Send a Christmas e-card

This Christmas, why not surprise your friends and family with a very special e-card?
You can see one we made earlier right here!
Upload a photo of your artwork and see what Santa's elves say about it. Then email it to your friends to spread Christmas cheer!
Here's what you do:
1. Click 'upload image' below, and select the picture you want in the video.
2. Wait a few seconds for the video to appear.
3. Press the play button to check your video.
4. To swap, click on 'Change image' and select a different one.
5. To see the page you're going to send, click 'Open video link'
6. When you're ready to send, click 'Copy link with thumbnail' and paste into an email
7. Add a greeting, and send it out!
Any questions?, please contact us at

Your picture will magically appear in our Christmas video, and the elves will be very impressed! So will your friends and family, so don't forget to copy the link and send it to them all!