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This month

'What women want at work'

with Career Coach, Rachel Schofield & Chartered Legal Executive, Laura Nee

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This month's incredible Ask the Expert has two brilliantly experienced women ready to answer your work-related questions. Over the last twelve months reports have suggested Covid could wipe out 25 years of increasing gender equality - taking women back to the 1950s.  Mothers, we have learnt, are almost twice as likely as fathers to have lost their jobs or quit, and women in leadership report far more burnout than their male peers and are considering leaving the workforce in larger numbers. Answering your questions are Rachel Schofield, a qualified Career Coach specialising in career change and career happiness. And Laura Nee from BG Solicitors, a Chartered Legal Executive who advises on various aspects of employment law.

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Dr Maryhan Baker, experienced child psychologist and parenting expert on resilience, anxiety and more

In the seventh on our expert series, Dr Maryhan Baker answered your questions. Dr Maryhan has spent the last 15 years supporting families, helping them move their child from angst to courage so that everyone feels confident, calm and connected. She gives talks on how to raise resilient children, support children with anxiety, and help children manage their emotions. Dr Maryhan also runs workshops in schools, as well as train teachers and nannies so they can identify and support children with their confidence and anxieties.

Click on the videos below for advice on returning to school, anxiety, over-eating and how to handle issues around separating parents.

How to have a happy baby and toddler

In the sixth of our Ask The Expert series, Dr Harvey Karp, whose Happiest Baby and Happiest Toddler books and videos have guided millions of parents in navigating the early years with his simple, practical tips and innovative products. Click on the videos below for advice on nutrition, vitamins and whether a traumatic birth can result in a 'fussy' baby, and should we ever try 'controlled crying'.